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Gayle's View: Country Home Magazine
Friday 13th of August 2010
Some time ago I wrote a blog about my favorite magazines and how they were stopping publication. I know that I am one of many who looked forward each month to get the mail and sit down with a Cottage Living, Country Home, Mary Englebreit Home, Country Living, and Victoria. (Yes, I know there is still a Country Living magazine and a Victoria, but they are NOT what they once were). Therefore I was tickled to death when Brent informed me that there was a new Country Home magazine on the stands. I found it at my local Safeway and have enjoyed every page. I'm thinking it will be a special interest publication coming out just a few times a year. It is spendy--$12.99-but it is printed on quality paper and a bonus is no advertising in its pages.

I have been drawn to the appeal of "country decorating" for many years. I am no longer sure of the definition of "country", but my interpretation is a wonderful mix of old and new--probably collected over a period of time, following no specific "design" rules and reflecting the personal style of the decorator. There are myriad categories for this type of decorating going from: cottage decorating, romantic country or Victorian, traditional American country, the lodge look, Southwest style, flea market style, formal country, modern country, French country, and English country.

In my opinion, if it is done right, it becomes part of the decorator's lifestyle--leading to trips to antique shows, antique malls, shops, flea markets, sales, browsing the internet and lastly, and the most fun of all--junking trips to destination shows.

I once asked former Country Living Executive editor, Nina Williams, what the goal was of the magazine. She said to me, "we do not exist to set trends, we REPORT trends from all over the country." At that time she said an emerging trend was "bringing the outside in". We are all familiar with that now as it has been depicted in pages of shelter magazines for many years.

I have seen forms of all the elements in the photos below at northwest antique sales, shows, or antique malls. I have bought quite a few of these things over the years at Stars, and many other places. I don't think any of us want to copy the ideas exactly, but it is inspirational to see them all put together in a pleasing way.

The internet is a huge source with its wonderful websites and blogs, and when I go into them, I am truly amazed at the talents and great photos and ideas of untrained decorators and designers. In that way, all of you in the cyber world are "setting the trends".

The thing is, I am old-fashioned enough to still want to go to the mailbox, and hold the magazine in my hands, and stretch out on the sofa while I devour the pages. So hurrah Country Home for coming back to us. I hope it lasts.

Signing off to go rearrange furniture,


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