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A Word from Brent: Collecting Good Friends
Monday 25th of August 2008
Gayle is enjoying the Oregon coast this week so I am the substitute blogger of the moment. Today it's Brent's View.

My view finder is focused on collecting and the joy of starting up a new one. I love the hunt and when it comes to starting up a new collection nothing pleases me more than finding a whole trove of treasures that can be my new collection. The better the price the more of a collection I can have. I really want instant gratification when I buy, so I need to have at least three to five items in hand for my new collection.

I live with my collections, so I want them to be visually pleasing and easy to use in my home decor. Groups of similar items are one of the easiest decorating ideas around. For me it's the motto, "more is always better" (Gayle would have a more clever quote but I am just not as smart as she is)

Years ago I started collecting white matte finish pottery when it was so dirt cheap you could have quite a collection in no time. I didn't care if it had a chip or crack in it. Just turn it to the back. I just wanted to amass a large visual display of this lovely pottery. And I did. Hundreds of pieces. But now if I add to this collection it has to be something quite amazing or the price is too good to pass up.

I rotate my collections. I just couldn't live with them all at the same time. I know there are people that do that and more power to them but I would go "crazy".

The white pottery collection has been in the storage space for awhie and it was time to bring it out. And you know, I fell in love with it all over again. Just like old friends, each piece of pottery spoke to me as I put it on the shelves. They reminded me of where I had purchased them and how long they had been with me. Yes, I still have that piece with the big chip on the rim and the one that has the crack down the back. I wouldn't think of giving them up, good friends are hard to find.

Brent, the collecting fool

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