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Stars Blog - Sunday 5th of September 2010

Gayle's View: End of Summer
Sunday 5th of September 2010
In my mind, the end of August is the official end of summer. I know the actual end is September 21, but even at the end of August I start to see the signs of autumn coming. The summer (when it finally came) has been lovely--I've enjoyed being outdoors--, picnics, weddings, gardening, trips to the coast, reunions with friends, and the watercolor painting workshops.

I want to share with you a few photos I have taken this summer. The first two were taken in the garden of Robin Busch. Robin graciously allowed our painting group access to her amazingingly beautiful Asian-inspired gardens. The photo below is one of the many pathways throughout. I liked the sound of the pea gravel under my feet and also the way it looked.

The photo below is one of the gates in Robin's garden.

I attended a party last Sunday at the home of Norma and Sheldon Ainsley. Norma has worked three years to tranform a one story ranch style house into a storybook French cottage. In a future blog, I will tell you and show photos of Norma's decor. But for now, I love this photo of her antique cast-iron gates leading to the entry of her cottage.

I am trying to work up the energy and motivation now to carry out some ideas for the inside of my home. I like everything I have, but I need to do some "fine-tuning" with accessories, and change things around a bit.

I did buy a small gray flaky-paint cabinet from Darwin at the Stars Sidewalk Sale yesterday, and I like it in my living room. So today I am going to play around with "home decorating"--one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. (Future photos later....)

I want to keep on with the botanical look--bell jars, terrariums, small conservatories, lots of indoor plants--even miniature gardens. Ever since the Woodland Arrangement project hosted by Carol Kelly and Dianne Muyskens, I have been obsessed by moss, lichens, cones, twigs, pods, and pretty rocks.

These rocks below were in Robin's garden--and NO---I did not pick any of the moss off--even though I wanted to.

Signing off saying adieu to summer and hello to mellow September....



Sunday September 12 at 01:15:23 PM

By: Christe'

dear Gayle, oh my, Your friends have such beautiful gardens! I would be eyeing the moss myself since it's as scarce as hen's teeth here...your ideas for fine tuning sound wonderful and I look forward to when you share what you're doing! have a wonderful September playing in your beautiful little nest. xxo Christe'

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