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Stars Blog - Saturday 12th of June 2010

Gayle's View: Good Girl Sale!
Saturday 12th of June 2010

The last two blogs I have written have been in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the opening of the first STARS Antique Mall. And Darwin, Brent and I are marking the occasion with a celebration Sale!!!! We have learned over these years that what our customer loves the most is plain and simple---value for their dollars!! Our dealers strive to provide goods at reasonable prices at all times, but during a sale, they sometimes go all out and give a "Really Good Discount"--just for the hours during the sale.

After all, I'm like everyone else---I get excited when I see a sale sign on goodies that I am attracted to. You can be sure, as a collector of textiles, old linens and laces that I found a treasure amongst the display below during a sale a while back.

Years ago I purchased a child's cup (soft paste no less) with the motto "For a Good Girl". When I buy something that makes my heart beat and it is on sale, I say to myself,"It's because I've been a Good Girl". Sometimes I go a long stretch before I see something that really makes my heart go faster....you can draw your own conclusions on that.

I am always drawn to the vintage costume jewelry--the glittery effect fascinates me to no end. I never take it seriously but it is fun to wear with blue jeans, on a wool blazer,pinned on a baseball hat, or a faux fur vest. Our creative dealers also display re-purposed jewelry which can be charming and witty.

Pictured below--a dressmaker's form displaying Paula Vandehey's (dealer #77 Stars and Splendid) re-purposed jewelry.

If I am in need of a piece of furniture, I never, ever go to a new furniture store. Much more interesting to be patient and find just the right item that is handmade or one-of- a kind--something that is beautiful to me and still useful. I found a great small chest in old yellowed paint with rows of tiny drawers from Greg and Doris (dealer #11-Stars and Splendid)--perfect for all my small arts and crafts supplies--but attractive enough to sit on a scrub top table in my family room.

Photo below was taken in #11 a while back....

Naturally I will be right there with everyone at the anniversary sale. It's not easy, but I have been trying to be a "good girl". We'll see...

Signing off....



Wednesday June 16 at 07:16:13 PM

By: debi @ Garden Party

Dear Gayle, I'm so glad to find your blog! I did your "Country by Design" show way back in the day in Tacoma! I so loved it! It's where I met all of you, and Linda and Ludmil! You all were so inspired, thank you so much for that. I've spent my time these last years with 2 shops, the last of which I sold 6 years ago. Keepsakes Cottage Home and Garden, near Sumner. I have since moved north to Snohomish. Mike and I still go to Portland and shop at Stars. We always find something there! So... congratulations on your anniversary, your creativity, and your passion! Sincerely, Deb @ Garden Party ;) gardenpartydecor.blogspot.com

Monday June 14 at 10:46:21 AM

By: Christe'

Looks like alot of fun.... Congratulations on such a Successful and Wonderful adventure together! Happy 20th Anniversary Gayle, Brent and Darwin!

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